SuperCard Mini SD Card

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SuperCard Mini SD Card

SuperCard Mini SD to GBA Adapter is a New revolutionary flash kit that uses a standard SD / miniSD memory cards for its primary memory. MiniSD memory is relatively cheap and is normally used for equipment like digital cameras, but now you can use your SD memory card for your Gameboy Advance SP, Gameboy Micro, and Nintendo DS!  If you want to have a solution that works perfectly both for your Nintendo DS and GBA Homebrew, games and applications, then the Supercard SD is the one you're looking for.  Add the Superkey for complete NDS support.

The Supercard is the Mini SD version allowing you to use any miniSD Card to store and load you games, movies, music, ebooks and more.  And supplies of this fantastic item are extremely limited due to high demand.

Play both GBA and NDS rom files and homebrew.  You also have a full selection of NES, GB, PC Engine, Sega Master system and other emulators at your fingers tips, as the Supercard SD supports them all, out of the box.

Why do people choose the SuperCard SD Mini Gba ?  For it's versatility in allowing users to enjoy both DS and GBA homebrew games and applications.  The Supercard SD also allows for more than just gaming. Now you can use watch movies, play mp3 music, browse your digital pictures, read E-Books and much more!  The Supercard adapter has taken flash linker type products to an entirely new level where games, movies, music and more all work together from 1 convenient card.
SuperCard NDS game function brief introduction

1.Excellent game compatibility
2.Originated NDS soft-reset function all over the world
3.Can play compressed roms (compress roms when converting them)
4.Originated new save mode (write directly in TF/SD card and can backup
5.Powerful cheat function (supports cheat code of various types)
6.Originated Real Time Walkthrough function, guiding you how to go on during playing games anytime
SuperCard GBA game function brief introduction

1. Support Real Time Save function. You can stop and restart games during playing games anytime and anywhere with this fantastic function. This is an exclusive function of SuperCard series. With this fantastic function, you need not worry about GAME OVER anymore.
2. Support compressed game files and large memory room. Since we use SD card as medium, so that how much room you can make use of for games and how many games can be put in it is absolutely by SD card.
3. Freely switch walkthrough/e-books in game and switch back. This is another exclusive and powerful function of SuperCard series. When you play game, just press L+R+B+START, and it is switched to text screen. When you want to continue your game, just press the same case to switch back.
4. Need no convert and driver during transferring, just plug and play. A SD card and a card reader consist of a U-disc, so the speed is the same as U-disc.
Other General Function:

1. Low price. Very cheap, its price is lower than other flash cards on the market.
2. Large memory. The memory of SD card is up to 16Gbit (2Gbyte).
3. Powerful cheat function. Originated cheat setting anytime and anywhere in game.
4. Exclusive Real Time Save function. Save and load anytime and anywhere in game.
5. Small size and light weight. SC SD cartridge is the same size as a standard GBA cartridge.
6. SD card + card reader can be used as a U-disc. Just need to copy converted game files from PC.
7. Save money. SD card can be not only used for SuperCard, but also for digital camera and mobile phone.
8. Support NDS games, GBA games, NES games, GB games, PCE games, SMS games, movies and e-books of GBA, pictures viewing, music playing.
9. Excellent save type compatibility. Support all kings of save types.
10. Support soft-reset to return main menu.
11. Support all save types. No need to enable DLDI
Product features

    Play both GBA games (.gba) and NES, GB, PCE, SMS/GG with out additional software!
    See movies (.gbs .gbm), read E-books, play music, see pictures and more.
    Super Game Cheat system.
    Real Time Save - save your games instantly when ever you like it.
    Four button reset to main menu.
    Supports compression.
    Supports semi-multitasking - switch between running game and other software without quitting the game.
    Game time: 5-6 h with GBA SP (with stock battery).
    FAT file system.
    Compatible with SD Memory Cards.
    Fast transfers, transfer 64M in approx. 5 sec.
    Uses standard Mini SD memory.
    Possible to store up to 32Gbit (4Gbyte) on one single SD card.
    Unlimited storage capacity, just use more/bigger SD cards.
    SD memory cards can be used for other equipment like digital cameras.
    GBA, GBA SP, GBM, and NDS compatible.   

Package Contents

    1 x SuperCard SD / Mini SD Adapter.

SuperCard MiniSD  software usage

Here only tell how to use the converted software. Speak of how to operate on console, please go to operation part.

Necessary Equipments:
1. Converted software
2. PC one piece

Software installation:
Download the file named "Software: SC MiniSD v2.71" from ""

Set the directory which you want to install in, click ?Next? to complete the installation.

Run the converted software for the first time:
1. Run the software. Run the converted software, and set the out path of converted games on ?Option? menu first. Or else maybe you cannot find the converted games after converting them.

2. The operation menu is quite simple; the usage is easy as well. There are two menus: One is ?Game List?, and the other is ?Options?. On ?Options? menu, you can set the out path of converted games, software language. There is a function on this menu called ?Game Default Set?. It is quite useful since you can save time by using this function. For example, if you want to convert 10 game files at the same time for the same requirement, usually you need to set every file once. But if you set your requirement on the ?Game Default Set?, you needn?t to set them one by one.
3. Of course, you can change the setting anytime if you like.

for NDS Games Converting
Add NDS games as the image above showed. Double click the game files which need to be converted; it will pop out a ?properties? window.
The image below is the ?properties? window. You can set game load modes.
Direct load mode: load the data of MINISD card directly. The load speed of this mode is the same as the original NDS game.
Entire load mode: load the whole game data to SC memory first and play again. This mode make the reading speed is quite fluent. It is a pity that loading speed is quite slow.

Functions introduction
NDS Game Converting
Enable Restart: Originated soft-reset function all over the world: It requires the firmware is 1.6 version or above. Press L+R+A+B+X+Y when playing game and it will return to the main menu. With this function you needn?t to restart DS console if you want to change another game to play.
Enable Trim ROM: Allow to compress roms to reduce its size. (Maybe few roms maybe run abnormally after being converted)
Faster Play Game: That some games may read slowly can be fixed or speeded up by enable this function.
Enable DMA Mode: Directly memory read technology. It is used for few games whose speed is too low.
Enable GBA Union: Be suitable with some NDS games which can be linked with GBA games.
Enable Patch Cartridge Access: Enable this function the compatibility of GBA games can be improved.
Enable Cheats: Load the cheats file of *.scc format.
Enable Book: Load the walkthrough files or other e-books of *.scb format even when playing game.

GBA Games Converting
NDS Game Converting
1. On Game List menu, press ?Add? button to add ROMS. Many more games can be converted at one time. It supports files of *.ZIP, *.GBA formats.

2. On Game List, press ?Del? button to delete unwanted games one by one.
3. Press ?Out? button to convert game files. It just needs less than 2 seconds to convert a game file. Default setting: no Enable Compress, enable Save Patch, Enable Restart, Enable Add Cheat, Enable Real Time Save. How to change the setting? We will talk it later.

How to Change the Attribute of a Game?
Double click a game file and it will pop out a ?properties? window, as the picture below showed.

Enable Save: allow creating 1 general save room. 
Enable more Saver: allow creating 4 general save rooms. 
Enable save Patch: allow game save to be patched. 
Enable Real Time Save: allow games to use Real Time Save function. There is 1 save room for Real Time Save function. 
Enable more Real Time Saver: allow game to use Real Time Save function. There are 4 save rooms for Real Time Save function. 
Enable Compress: can compress the converted game files up to 50%. 
Enable Restart: allow soft-reset anytime when playing. 
Enable add text file: You can add a text file such as game guide or walkthrough or other e-books to switch with game anytime. 
Enable Cheat: Enable cheats use in game. 
Cheat Compatibility: Some games will be freeze when using cheat function. Here this function can reduce the rate of freezing of games. 
Cheat files: Usually you can use cheats which is only for SuperCard. Of course, you can add *.CHT cheat file by yourself. 
Cheat List: You can edit cheat listed. Usually there is no need to change. 
Last, press ?OK? to exit.

Copy games
1. Insert MINISD card into Card Reader, then put the whole one into USB port of PC. Copy the converted files from PC to MINISD card. Tips: Every original game file will create 2 or more files after being converted: files of *.dsq/*.dsi and .sav (general save file); For GBA game, there will be a more file *.sci which is used for Real Time Save. 

2. Insert MINISD card into SuperCard MINISD, then put the whole one in the NDS or GBA console. Turn on the console, and select your favorite game and press ?A? to start that game. When you want to change another game to play, just press L+R+SELECT+START at the same time to return to main menu.

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