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Nintendo 3DS update 9.0.0

Nintendo 3DS update 9.0.0
Nintendo has released a new major update for the Nintendo 3DS. This update introduces the previously announced theme support for the Home menu, as well as allowing users to take screenshots of their Home menu.
Official changelog said:
  • Users can now use themes to customize the design and sounds of the HOME Menu
    • Five themes are pre-installed and additional themes can be purchased from the Theme Shop
    • Themes can be changed by using settings located within the HOME Menu settings
  • A feature has been added that allows users to capture screenshots of their HOME Menu
  • The Nintendo eShop Title Information page has been updated to provide easier access to any available videos, demos, user reviews, and other information
  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience
It has been confirmed that this update blocks the Gateway 3DS emuNAND. Updating your emuNAND will result in it giving a black screen:
Gateway Website said:
News just reached us about System Firmware 9.0.0-20 being released, and some users have already notified us that 9.0.0-20 emunand is not booting.

We have analysed this update for a bit and we can reassure our users that we expect to have a new Launcher update ready shortly.
Our originally planned Launcher for the next release will be put on hold until we have emunand support again.

Until next time, ENJOY!

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