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M3i Zero

Update the firmware of the M3i Zero Card to support running in new 3DS (Ver. 4.5.0-10E, Ver. 4.5.0-10J, Ver. 4.5.0-10U) and DSi (Ver 1.4.5E, Ver 1.4.5J, Ver 1.4.5U) system version.

The M3i Zero card for the Dsi console is the most well known flashcart in the homebrew market. The M3i Zero is not produced by the M3 team which is best known for its M3DS linkers for over 4 years. In 2008, the original M3i Zero DSi making team split and the team members went ahead to form various companies producing M3 & M3i Zero variants. They were all hacked versions based on the original M3 firmware,Firmware M3i Zero which is now getting outdated.
While buying M3i Zero cards, always be careful that you don't end up paying a huge amount for a poor quality and bad performance duplicate m3i zero uk clone cards. You also need to be careful that the M3i Zero 3DS card is updated with the firmware and will continue to make the firmware updates. If you buy an updated M3i Zero card, you could end up close to 6 months to a year after you have purchased it.
The M3i Zero is a good application for your Dsi console. There are many homebrew games which can enhance the overall features of the Dsi Another important thing about the M3i Zero flash card is that is looks like it is based on the M3i firmware . The interface of the M3i Zero for the Dsi games is really outstanding and thus the M3 DS or the Dsi lovers will enjoy using it and for sure will consider the M3i Zero the best out of the M3 cards,m3i dsi in the market.


M3 Zero,M3i Zero DSi Features:

  • m3i zero Supports Nintendo 3DS DSi DSi XL DSL DS
  • Extremely simple to use with built in multi language PDA
  • m3i zero uk Supports high capacity Micro SD cards up to 32GB, including standard and High Speed Micro SD cards
  • Supports standard FAT file system
  • m3i zero 3ds Special features can be enabled during running eg. Slow Motion mode
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Touch screen menus and robust skinning support
  • Never lose your saves - back the save file up directly to the micro SD card
  • Autodetects save type and generates the save file for you if one doesn't exist
  • Moonshell built in for movie playback, mp3 music, and Text eBooks
  • Buy m3i zero Supports WiFi/WFC, DS rumble pak, and the Opera DS Browser
  • 100% support for clean ROM's - no need for software patching
  • Upgradeable firmware (OS, bios, kernel)
  • Excellent homebrew support. DLDI auto-patcher

How do I use the M3i Zero Card?
Please follow the instructions below to install the correct software onto the micro sd card. This is required in order for the M3i Zero card to operate correctly.

  • Click here and download the latest M3i Zero system software.
  • Unzip the downloaded file using WinZip or other free unzipping software
  • Copy the directory called SYSTEM to your micro sd card. Also create a directory called NDS in the root of the micro sd card. (This is where your .nds files should go)


  • M3i Zero Card
  • Firmware Update Power Supply Cable
  • Micro SD USB Reader

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