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1. 3DSLink Firmware 3.0 Switched to 3DS V6.3 system Successfully, Those two games  The Legend of Zelda – A Link Between Worlds / The Legend of Zelda – Kamigami no Triforce 2  and   Batman – Arkham Origins Blackgate  works perfectly on the 3ds console
2. The Legend of Zelda  and  Batman  are the latest games which are released two days before,and we will keep to update all new games.
3. We can enter into the ESHOP ,and can play online game!

All 3DSLink With MicroSD Card Proloaded with 3DS Games and Kernel!

3DSLink Firmware 3.0 Video Click here

3DSLink Card is a new revolution flashcard for 2DS/3DS/3DS XL consoles.3DSLink support 3DS games(roms).Pruchase the most cheap 3DS flashcard 3DSLink to enjoy 3D games on your 3DS console now,no region lock,wifi support,real-time features,3DSLink has all the functions of Gateway 3DS.

3DSLink for Nintendo 2DS 3DS 3DS(XL/LL)

The 3DSLink flashcard is a reall 3DS games flashcard.You can use it to play all the 3DS roms on this cartridge.With a cheaper price,but the same functions of Gateway 3DS

3DSLink for Nintendo Compatibility

1, The Red 3DSLink supports free 3DS gaming on 3ds xl /3ds /2ds with any system version below.

4.5.0-X, 4.4.0-X, 4.3.0-X, 4.2.0-X, 4.1.0-X (X varies from 1 to 10, which also includes U/E/A/J regions)

2, The Blue 3DSLink supports free DS gaming on all 3ds XL LL, 3ds, 2ds, dsi XL LL, dsi, ds lite and ds, no system version limit.

Video presentation about 3DSLink work on 3ds

3DSLink main features:

  • Support all latest 3DS roms playing on consoles between 4.1 to 4.5
  • Support all DS roms
  • Built with RTS - real time save function
  • Compatible with micro SD up to 32GB
  • Support wifi games and DS Ramble pak
  • More detailed functions update available officially at

How to use 3DSLink:

The usage of 3DSLink is very same like the GW3DS,You can do as follow:

Followings are the step by step guide on how to use 3ds link

Things You Will Need To Parpare:

-1 x 3ds Red card and Blue Installer Card
-1 x MicroSD Card
-1 x SD Memory card
-1 x 3DS(version4.1~4.5)

Step 1. Copy files from “Boot Card(Blue_Card)” folder onto the root of a fat 32 formatted MicroSD Card.

Step 2. Power on 3ds console and into main menu.
a) Click “START” and choose ”3DS Setup” on the screen

b) Press 3DS Setup,Enter into the following interface.

Press button “B” to setup and wait 2 seconds then finish 3ds setup

c) after it finished ,Press button “A” ,then press “Home” to return to main menu.

Step 3. Copy “Launcher.dat” file to the root of the SD card.

Insert SD card into the 3DS console

Step 4. Launching 3dslink mode (repeat every power cycle)

Follow the steps below:

Choose system settings→other settings→Profile→Nintendo DS Profile

Wait for 5-8 seconds for system tore boot into 3dslink mode

Step 5. Preparing several MicroSD cards for the 3dslink

a) Please download Win32 Disk Imager

b) Start Win32 Disk Imager and select file open button, choose all file types to list .Then chose your 3DS game file.

c) Insert MicroSD card larger than the file to be written into reader/writer.

Make sure to select the correct device in Win32 Disk Imager drop down list.
(Note: The MicroSD card needs to be preformatted in order to show up in the device list.)

Select Write, double check correct target device and yes to the pop-up confirm overwrite window.

.Insert MicroSD card into 3dslink red card .enjoy the 3ds games

Make sure you are running in 3dslink Mode as shown in Step 4.

NOTE:This Is Very Important

TITP S:Automatic save Game Transfer Feature

a.When swapping games it is important to follow the “Home” –> “Close”,Sequence in order to enable the 3DSLink save game transfer from the,3DSLink Card to the 3DS SD card.

b.For every new game 3DSLink will write a file to the 3DS SD card only on,game exit via the “home”–> “Close” routine. When the same game is,started, the file is transferred back to the 3DSLink Card in real time.


a.It is strongly recommended to enable parental controls in order to prevent an accidental system update.

b.3DSLink will endeavor to provide timely updates to ensure the latest backups can be used.

c.While our current release is for firmware 4.1-4.5 future updates past 6.2 will most likely close off our convenient 3DSLink Mode Launcher .Getting a system lower than 4.1 up to 4.1-4.5 can safely be done by running a 3DS original game released between January 2013 and June 2013. (Please double check the system version update message to ensure nothing above 4.5)