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Buy R4 R4i Cards For DSi XL UK
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R4i Save Dongle
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Gateway 3DS Card Gateway 3DS Flashcart
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Buy R4i Gold 3DS Card UK
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Buy Supercard DSTWO 3DS XL UK
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Buy Ace3DS Plus Flashcart UK
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DSTTi -DSTTi 1.4.1-DSTT Wood
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Gateway 3DS

Gateway 3DS Flashcart is a new style 3DS Flashcart from the world first card to be confirmed actual working Gatway 3DS Card  for the 3DS,Gateway 3DS UK is the world’s first 3DS Flashcart, which can play 3DS ROMS. 3DS Gateway can support all Nintendo 3DS Games with all language,Gateway 3DS Review,and also can support both 3DS and 3DS XL. If your 3DS/3DSXL firmware version is on 4.5.0-10, 4.4.0-10, 4.3.0-10, 4.2.0-9, 4.1.0-8 US,EU,AU,JP ETC..., you can make it easy to work with Gateway 3DS directly. Currently it is not compatible with firmware above 4.5 but Gateway 3DS Flashcart team are promise that they are working on making it compatible as quickly as possible with 5.x and 6.x firmwares. (However, if you want to refer the gateway 3ds flashcart, please don't update your console, never! Just shut off the wifi connections!)

R4 Card

R4i Shopper ,The R4 card allows you to make backups of games you own. The R4 Cards comes in three versions the R4 Card For DS and R4 Card For DSi and R4 Card For 3DS, the R4 Card is for the Nintendo DS and DS lite and the R4i Card is for the DSi XL and the R4 3DS is for the 3DS XL. We sell the all versions with various bundled memory cards. Games are a huge part of many people lives and social activities. Electronic games are beginning to take over as they can be more entertaining and easier to use. With the constant updating of technologies these games are becoming cheaper and more people can afford them. The R4 DS card and R4i card are a new way to experience these games. This new flash technology allows for easy operation and works with a host of supported files. The ds r4 card is the original version and the R4i Card is the upgrade for use with the Nintendo DSi console ; Nintendo's newly released add-on to its DS gaming line. The r4 ds card can take Micro SD and the upgraded R4SDHC card can take a Micro SD or SDHC memory card allows you store up to 8GB of files. The R4 Card is compact and easy to carry around with you and for this reason has become hugely popular. The R4 card is really a must have for the Nintendo DS users and it allows you to watch movies, listen to music and even read eBooks or similar files. The drag and drop function allows you to easily moves files between your PC and R4 card, making for easy use. These files can be stored on either a Micro SD or Micro SDHC memory card; this is then inserted into the r4 cards which fits neatly into the slot 1 on your Nintendo DS or DSi console. In order to get the most from your r4 card uk it is advised that you get the highest capacity card you can afford as it will be useful in the future! For using more than a 2GB micro SD card you will need to purchase an R4 SDHC, however if you buy in a bundle from us we include the upgraded version ! More capacity will mean that you will not have to delete files in the future thus improving your gaming experience! Before purchasing your R4 card you should decide on what type you need, the R4 card is for the Nintendo DS and DS lite consoles, whereas the R4i card is for DSi console and the R4i 3DS is for 3DS Console!


R4 SDHC Card allow upto 2GB memory capacity to be coupled with them,R4SDHC Card are high capacity R4 SDHC Card that allow upto a 32GB memory card to be used with them. The R4 sdhc upgrade revolution for ds has survived since then, but R4 sdhc wood is recently starting to fall behind in some game compatibility. As a result, newer DS cards such as the R4i Card,R4 3DS,R4i 3DS,R4i Gold,R4i GOLD PLUS Card are starting to take centre stage.

R4i Card

R4i Shopper The R4i Card was released shortly after the release of the Nintendo Dsi console. With this new console the previous R4i card for dsi xl were rendered useless so a new card was needed. The team who had made the previous R4 SDHC cards released the R4i Card for DSi which works with the DSi and DSi XL consoles allowing users to experience all the great benefits of the R4i card uk but now on the DSi and DSi XL. The R4i Card works with a wide range of file formats meaning you can store music, movies, photos, videos and even eBooks for playback on the go. The R4i card shop massively increases the capabilities of your Dsi console for a low price and this has made it such a huge success.Where can i buy a R4i Card,R4i card for nintendo dsi Can support Nintendo DS Lite, DSi,DSi XL(v1.4.1, v1.4.2, v1.4.3, v1.4.4,v1.4.5)

R4i 3DS

R4iShopper-Many people have ever used the R4i SDHC Card, they R4i-SDHC team always update the kernel for newest games. The R4i 3DS inherit all features from the R4i card, and works on 3DS perfectly. R4i SDHC 3DS is a popular and affordable slot-1 flash cart solution that allows you to launch games, R4i 3ds uk run applications and play media directly from the device. R4i 3ds xl Simply place your files onto either a micro SD or SDHC memory card (sold separately), insert the micro SD into your R4i 3DS Card, your card into your Nintendo 3DS / DSi / DS Lite etc, and turn the system on. Playing games and media has never been easier!R4i 3DS RTS is a great flashcard released by official R4i-SDHC team(, R4 card for 3ds is a great R4i 3ds card for your Nintendo 3DS, this card can support 3DS V6.2.0-12 and DSi 1.45 . The R4 3DS Card eable you to enjoy the Real-time save features, you won't miss it!

R4i Gold

R4i Shopper-R4i Gold 3DS Card ( The first R4i gold for 3ds supports Nintendo 3DS, released at Mar 2, 2011. Thousands of DSi owner give the R4i Gold card 5 stars reviews because of the best quality, and R4i gold 3ds xl is the best popular R4i gold uk in 2012. The R4i 3ds gold is the current top-of-the-line in Slot-1 cards.R4i Gold is just an amazing little device like original card size, R4i 3DS is a complete solution with no need to purchase any additional components or with any messy software and truly the easiest media enhancer you have ever done.

R4i Gold Plus

R4i GOLD PLUS card an enhanced R4i gold plus 3ds cartridge from, R4i gold plus 3ds xl supports free gaming on Nintendo 3DS, DSi XL (DSi), DS Lite and DS. This brand new R4i gold plus deluxe edition will get console users free from Firmware Upgrade. No block Error trouble for you now with this R4i Gold Plus Card .

Supercard DSTWO 3DS

Supercard dstwo is the second generation flashcard from SuperCard team ,the Supercard dstwo 3DS team spent one year work hard on Supercard dstwo UK.DSTWO is the first built-in CPU flashcard in the world.The Supercard DSTWO with its beautiful Evolution (EOS) operating system and a powerful on-board processor offers unique and exciting features that you won't find anywhere else. Supercard dstwo Buy at R4i Shopper

Acekard 2i

The Acekard 2i is a very good flash kit. What you have is a cart that offers a solid, fully customisable GUI, 100% compatibility with all DS games, full DLDI homebrew support and many other additional features that work very well. Acekard 2i 3DS for Nintendo DS, DS Lite, DSi, 3DS,acekard 2i ds lit,acekard 2i dsi xl allows you to listen MP3, Watch movies, read books and much more..How to use acekard 2i?Acekard 2i uk supports SDHC/TF card up to 32gb, and supports Homebrew programs.

M3i Zero

The M3i Zero is the latest flash card from the M3 Team. The all new M3i Zero 3DS offers support for NDS, NDS Lite, and the new DSi/DSi Xl and 3DS. More importantly the buy m3i zero is fully upgradeable. M3i Zero UK is a powerhouse offering tons of great features, including its own in house media player and real time save.

R4i Shopper R4iShopper Buy R4 R4i Gold Plus SDHC RTS Cards For Gateway 3DS UK Supercard Dstwo Acekard 2i Discount Code 2-4 Days Royal Mail Delivery!